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Monday, 19 March 2012


The story starts with Dr. Watson reading out a telegram from his friend, Sherlock Holmes who tells him to catch a train to Boscombe Valley. In the train, Holmes tells him about the murder, how he has a different view towards the case n addition to the letter he received from Alice Turner. They begin their investigation on the horrid death of Mr. Charles McCarthy who has supposedly been murdered by his son, James. Young James on the other hand is now imprisoned because apparently all the clues are in his favour. Lestrade, a crime investigator is adamant that James is guilty based on the inspection on the crime scene and the witnesses. Holmes during his quest for evidence manages to trace contrasting proofs and reveals the interesting set of footprints from which Holmes deduces that the perpetrator of the odious murder is a rich man smoking Indian cigar. Instead of disclosing the identity of the murderer, he leaves the case to Lestrade. Soon after, Holmes is visited by Mr. Turner at his office. Mr. Turner makes a surprising confession, claiming himself as a murderer.  That very same day, everything about the murder is exposed. Mr. Turner divulges that Charles McCarthy and he were enemies ever since their days in Australia. James is forced to marry Alice, Mr. Turner’s daughter to inherit wealth but he objected his dad’s will the day his dad got killed. In the end, both Mr. Turner and Holmes agree to keep the case private for the sake of the innocent James and Alice Turner, who have just got married.

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